The Place For All Pets and Their People

Locally owned and Arizona-based, The Pet Club is the place where pet health and happiness come first! The place where our decades of expertise in nutrition, products and care can help make mealtime, playtime, worktime…anytime all the more special for your pets and you. 

Loyalty Pays Off

You’re already part of the club, so why not say yes to The Pet Club’s Frequent Buyer program.  It costs nothing and can earn you big time savings on your favorite pet food brands. Go ahead and price compare.  With Frequent Buyer, The Pet Club is the low price leader.  

Health and Happiness Come First

A healthy pet is a happy pet. That’s why at The Pet Club we take a personalized approach to understanding your pets’ needs first then recommending the right options. There’s no one size fits all.

So go ahead, ask us questions. Your pets’ health and happiness mean everything to us!

In Your Neighborhood and Near Your Ranch

That’s right, pets come in many forms and some do a lot of work! Like laying eggs, and taking you on long rides in the wilderness.

So whether your “pet” spends its days on your lap or in a barnyard, coop or stable, the Pet Club has you both covered with nutrition, products, and care especially selected to make life better and easier for your pet and you.

Community, Caring and Fun

The Pet Club is the place where pets and their people can shop, get answers, share stories, participate in adoption events, socialize with other pet people and more. We’re pet lovers, just like you!

The Beginnings

The Pet Club started in 1982, in Apache Junction, Arizona, with its roots in farming, ranching, feed, and tack. What started with one feed store grew to five stores.  Because of the feed store growth, the first official Pet Club store opened in Mesa, Arizona. Over the next several years, the company experienced rapid growth into urban locations that catered to pet owners.

Today, The Pet Club is the place for pets and their people to strengthen their special bond and live smarter, healthier, happier lives together.