Justin Bowers

Director of Inventory Control & Loss Prevention

Justin, who is a pet person through and through, brings decades of experience, knowledge and leadership to The Pet Club’s Loss Prevention department. Here, he leads the charge developing and implementing Loss Prevention/Safety strategies company-wide. 

That includes increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the physical inventory process, training team members in loss prevention, creating and empowering shrinkage awareness teams, enhancing worker safety, developing systems, establishing controls, adhering to compliance regulations and creating policies all with this in mind: enhance safety, keep the company strong and minimize risk. Prior to joining The Pet Club, Justin was the director of loss prevention for Rue21 and district loss prevention manager for Old Navy, both well-known retailers. Earlier in his career, he was the assets protection team leader for powerhouse retailer, Mervyn´s. When he’s “off duty” Justin spends time with Harley a Blue Great Dane, Roxy his black Lab and Bella the chihuahua. 


A Family Affair

The most memorable pet story ties back to my love for pets and why I felt so compelled to join The Pet Club. Apparently, the “pet-affinity” gene is one that I passed along to my son as well. Growing up I was always getting into mischief with my beloved dogs and after having my son, I saw this same bond happen between him and a mischievous golden retriever we adopted named Brinkley. Brinkley and my son were inseparable. Everywhere my son went, Brinkley went too.

If my son was doing something, good or bad, it always involved his partner-in-crime, Brinkley. One afternoon after a monsoon rainstorm, I shouldn’t have been worried when my son asked to go play outside with Brinkley on the patio. What could go wrong? My mistake is that I said “yes” right after a weekend of laboriously laying a significant amount of sod in the backyard. Within about 10 minutes I was beckoned by my wife who was standing, staring out the door. I approached and found both my son and Brinkley covered head-to-toe in mud and nice, fresh, green sod. Nearly 15 years later, the photograph we captured of those two buddies is a priceless example of why our pets are much more than just pets. They are family.