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Locally owned and Arizona-based, The Pet Club is the place where pet health and happiness come first! The place where our decades of expertise in nutrition, products and care can help make meal time, play time, work time.... anytime, all the more special for your pets and you.

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Frequent Buyer benefits you. Every time you buy your favorite brands at The Pet Club, you get closer to earning a free bag, can or package of food. Why make your pet settle for lesser quality nutrition when you don't have to? Go ahead, price compare. With the Pet Club Frequent Buyer Program savings, we are the low-price leader. It pays to shop frequently with us!


You love your pet, so here’s a way to ensure extra hugs and more love for both of you. Dog grooming that leaves your pet looking, smelling and feeling great! Who doesn’t appreciate a little pampering from time to time?

Plus, did you know dog grooming is the best way to maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat, cut down on shedding and keep your home cleaner? Visit The Pet Club Salon for a free dog grooming consultation on your pet’s skin and coat. You’ll get an accurate dog grooming service quote that will be just what your pet and you are looking for.